Thanks to the local climate and its inhabitants, a Florida home patio or pool area is practically unusable without a high-quality screen enclosure. Becoming more and more popular across the Sunshine State, screened pool and patio enclosure have proven to offer a number of benefits, keeping bugs, sunlight and debris to a minimum and allowing you and your family an irritation-free outdoor experience while relaxing at home.
Offering same-day appointments for many of our services, we proudly offer South Florida residents the following:

Porch Screen Installation and Repair

Making sure you’re protected from the sun all day long while keeping pesky, biting insects away, your screened-in porch is designed to offer you years of enjoyment and relaxation. Get yours maintained and repaired by Florida’s best for complete satisfaction.

Sliding Door Rescreening and Repair

Allowing you to enjoy easy access to your patio or pool areas, your sliding door also provides a convenient breezeway in mild weather. Make sure your sliding door screen is maintained for easy use by calling the Florida Screen Repair team today.

Window, Door and Balcony Screen Replacement

Protect the structure and beauty of your home by replacing and repairing its screens whenever needed. Offering affordable, same-day services, we can repair and maintain your screens quickly and affordably.

Patio Enclosure Screen Repair

Adding both value and beauty to any Florida home, while protecting you and your family from the elements of Florida’s unforgiving climate, a screened-in patio is designed to offer a variety of benefits. Keep yours in beautiful shape, ensuring its true functionality with high-quality, same-day service from Florida Screen Repair.